7 reasons to sell your house with Lisney,

11th February 2016

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you could soon face some of the biggest decisions of your financial life.

When should you sell? What price should you set? What type of buyer are you aiming at? And which estate agent should you use?

Luckily, if you get the right answer to the last question, the many other queries will be answered for you as a matter of course.

A good agent you trust implicitly can guide you through the complex and, at times, stressful process of selling your home.

You’ll get great advice on all aspects of the sale as well as regular updates to keep you on top of things as you go through the process.

But first off, you have to pick the right agent. Here are seven reasons why Lisney fits the bill:

1. Irish-owned and non-franchised

Many auctioneers are local agencies who have adopted the branded franchise of a national chain. There’s nothing wrong with that. But Lisney is different.

Lisney’s brand values and culture are carefully nurtured within an Irish-owned company – something that is clearly evident in every office.

Our expert team, trained in the long-standing Lisney tradition, will look after you with a pro-active programme of advice and progress updates.

2. 80 years of excellence

A lot has happened in the Irish property market over the last 80 years and Lisney has been through it all.

We’ve been getting to know property since the 1930s so it’s fair to say nobody knows property in Dublin and Cork better than we do!

And we pride ourselves on really knowing the market in the localities where we operate.

3. Top residential prices in Ireland

Lisney consistently achieves among the highest prices for residential sales both at auction and private treaty.

In fact, our fine homes division is renowned for achieving great results.

But every home is special – and the same service is provided to all our customers, regardless of property value.

While our biggest deals may involve billions of euro and grab the headlines, Lisney gives the same level of service and expertise when selling every home. We're also forefront experts in selling premium homes in Ireland, with a team dedicated to luxurious properties!

4. An agent you can trust

Trust is the first quality to look for in your estate agent. You need an agent who won’t give you an inflated or unachievable value on your home just to win your business

This is where Lisney comes into its own. Our long-standing position among top property agents is thanks to our ethos of integrity that’s at the heart of everything we do.

5. Top quality research

Lisney prides itself on the depth and quality of our research. This, along with useful advice at every stage of the sales process, helps our clients to make the right decision at the right time.

6. A full-service agency

Lisney does more than sell your house. It provides a complete property advisory service covering every aspect of home ownership and management.

We do sales, lettings, auctions, valuations, acquisitions, asset management, and much more.

Lisney has even valued wind farms and foreshore licences - and was even involved in the construction of the Luas.

7. Expert and steady guidance

You need an experienced and steady hand to guide you through the choppy waters of the residential property market.

While the market is still buoyant, it’s also marked by uncertainty following the introduction of new lending controls.

Now more than ever, sellers need expert guidance they can trust.

In this regard, you need not look any further than the famous red and white brand of Lisney!

Selling your house?

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For a step-by-step guide, download our checklist to selling a house now!

By lisneyweb
11th February 2016