FAQs for prs tenants

There are as many different types of house buyers out there as there are… well, houses! What works for some might not work for you. So, if the thought of inheriting someone’s previously loved kitchen is not your idea of home sweet home, a new build might be exactly what you’re looking for.

New Homes Divisional Director Stephanie Patterson is the expert when it comes to buying a new home — that is one that is freshly built and hasn’t been owned or lived in before. We’ve asked her all of your burning questions on buying new.

The Private Rented Sector (PRS) is now well established in the Irish market, having emerged as a sector in 2012. Generally, PRS refers to a block or blocks of apartments that are in single ownership and management, and where there are dedicated amenities and facilities for residents.

Demand for PRS stems from changing demographics. These include a growing population that is both young and ageing; people getting married later and renting for longer; the fact that Ireland is more international and more urbanised. The evolution of demographics means the way people live is changing. This has implications for the type, size, tenure and location of future housing. While many will always choose more traditional forms of accommodation, others want choice. Being more international, a greater variety of housing options are being demanded, particularly in city areas. FDI companies bring with them highly skilled international workers (jobs tourism) who are accustomed to a different way of living – apartment, city living, close to place of work.

Lisney have a dedicated PRS team offering a 360-degree service within this sector. Our services include:

  • Sales & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Advice
  • Design & Specification
  • Lettings
  • Property Management
  • Valuations

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