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Asset Management

You’ve done all the hard work securing a commercial property or portfolio, so why not enjoy seeing your investment grow? We can make sure your assets are working for you every day — you can trust us. From office developments to PRS projects, shopping centres and more, we’ll keep maximising your investments in the background, taking away your risk and freeing you up to keep expanding your portfolio.

Your long-term commercial gains in mind

We help generate the best income for our clients, and the highest possible capital value, for all commercial properties. We never forget your main goal of maximising rental income and improving capital value, with a sharp focus on quality.

  • Increase your investment value and reduce overall costs
  • Small investment for long-term gains
  • Multidisciplinary team looking after your portfolio — all our expertise and experience in-house
  • Clear, long-term asset management strategy for your property
  • Peace of mind with your property in the hands of market leaders

We see property from every angle

Whether you’re a landlord, a property manager or a tenant, you’ll always have questions. The good news is, we’ll have the right answers. We have a team of industry experts with years of experience and an open mind. After 80 years we really know property in Northern Ireland, get in touch and find out for yourself.

Speak to the managers

Buying a new commercial property is only the first chapter. Lisney can keep working behind the scenes as your trusted property manager, to keep adding value to your investment. If you need a trusted team to take over property and facilities management services for all types of commercial property, let us take over.