Why should I consider buying a new build as opposed to a secondhand home?,

21st October 2020

The benefits of buying a new home over secondhand are many. To reference a few, I would point to the energy efficiencies currently available these days by buying new. Older homes can haemorrhage heat by way of dated insulation, which amounts to heavy power and electricity bills. Building Energy Ratings (BER) of new homes tend to be A2/A3 rated, which means there are significant energy savings for you.

Modern layouts are also appealing. An open-plan layout has become very popular and is now frequently seen in new starter and family homes. Parking spaces, attractive landscaping and communal spaces are all incorporated within new home schemes as well. New homes are ready for move-in and any work will likely be cosmetic, which is a benefit if you need to think about refurbishment and building costs for a secondhand home.

By lisneyweb
21st October 2020