B. Lamont, South County Dublin,

11th December 2020

My wife and I wish to compliment Lisney on the manner in which your representatives – Ann-Marie McCoy and the back-room staff in Dalkey – conducted the recent sale of our home.

Having made the momentous decision to sell, the easy part was choosing Lisney to be our agents.

As Executor, my wife had the task (ten years ago) of closing her late mother’s estate, and selling her apartment. The advice and guidance of your senior colleague Robert Lawson was most reassuring and sound; this helped her efficiently and satisfactorily complete the sale.

(Indeed, just a few years ago, Evelyn invited Robert, with Rory Kirwan, to view the house for an appraisal. His view was sound and kindly, and assuaged us in a period of negative equity.)

Accordingly we approached Lisney again in mid December: Ann-Marie immediately took command of the project. We were impressed by her professionalism. She gave sound advice in the timing, fine-tuned a marketing strategy, and guided our preparation of the house for “showing”.

Once the process took life, she kept us  appraised about the progress of interest, with attention to our well-being and her analysis of the bidding.

Our timing was most fortunate: we had completed the three stagings of the house just before the Covid19 lock-down was declared. However this crisis caused huge uncertainty for the bidders: a hiccup caused a vacuum to ensue over a week-end.

It is to Ann-Marie’s credit and her diplomacy that, taking calmness as her mantra, she assiduously traced the underbidders – assuring us all the that the situation (while novel to the market) was likely remedial.

Adjustments, tweaks and compromise were all employed, and we have now closed the sale to the satisfaction of all parties.

We are also delighted that Ann-Marie shares our success. While she initially stated she thought our home was unique and beautiful, she still had to corral an appreciative and interested audience; with her guidance, the house did the rest!

We unreservedly commend her to you and your Directors.

By Zoe Yohn
11th December 2020