Castle Life: 3 Enchanting Irish Castles to Call Home.

Living in a castle allows you to revel in regal luxuries from ages past. While many Irish castles have transformed into cultural landmarks, museums, galleries, and state buildings, a select few remain steadfast in their original role as the world’s most majestic residences. Within this article, we unveil three such castles that offer a peek into castle life in Ireland.

Killaleigh Castle, Tipperary

Killaleigh Castle, Co. Tipperary

Built in the 1590s by the MacEgan clan, Killaleigh Castle graces a sprawling 300-acre estate, nestled near the historic towns of Birr in County Offaly, and Nenagh and Roscrea in County Tipperary. While time has cast its wear, the castle’s foundational grandeur endures, awaiting a meticulous restoration to reclaim its former glory.

In 1745, Sopwell Hall was built, becoming its principal residence, and casting the castle into solitude. Sheltered amidst the estate’s mature parkland, the architectural finesse of Sopwell Hall bears the hallmark of renowned architect Francis Bindon.

This exquisite estate is represented by our expert David Ashmore.

Moate Castle Mainstreet, Moate, Westmeath

Moate Castle Mainstreet, Moate, Co. Westmeath

An ode to Ireland’s architectural heritage, Moate Castle stands resolute in County Westmeath, its roots tracing back to the early 1500s. An embodiment of grandeur and historical tapestry, this detached two-bay three-storey structure has gracefully weathered centuries of transformations, crafting an enchanting mosaic of architectural styles.

Embraced by meticulously maintained grounds encompassing 11 acres, the castle’s profound significance resonates through an array of outbuildings. These vestiges of history further illuminate the property’s essence, a tribute to time’s passage and human craftsmanship. Lauded by our expert, James O’Flaherty, this estate presents a rare and timeless allure.

Torca Lodge, Torca Road Dalkey, Dublin

Torca Lodge, Torca Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Torca Lodge is a modest castle of sorts located on this quiet elevated residential road with stunning sea views out to Bray Head and the Sugar Loaf. It is appropriately located amongst a fair share of castles and castellated homes in the Dublin coastal villages of Dalkey and Killiney.

Extended approximately 25 years ago, the 6-bedroom residence artfully balances period charm with modern convenience.

This exceptional property is represented by our expert Caroline Kevany.

By Kevin Kavanagh
16th August 2023
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